What our clients say about us

Peter has been our adviser for almost 10 years, in that time, the strategy has been clearly defined, the advice has been solid and thoroughly researched and the value that has been added by Peter is immense. I have no qualms in recommending Peter to friends and business acquaintances.

Andrew Watson
Business Owner

Alps Network have not only provided me with financial advice, they have managed my Self-Managed Superannuation Fund for a number of years.  I personally managed the Fund when it was initially set up and, until it was taken over by Alps Network, I never realised how much time it consumed.  Their management has given me back that time to focus on the business from which I earn my income.

Their financial advice and management have enabled me to plan for retirement at 60.  The plan has been so successful that I am now in a position to earn an income that is higher than any I have ever taken from my business, and then ‘tax free’, without ever diminishing my ‘nest egg’.

I feel very secure in my financial position as I near retirement and I owe that fact to Alps Network.  I have no hesitation in recommending Alps Network to any person who wants to plan their future.

Gary Bourke
Business Owner

I remember the first time we seriously looked for a Financial Advisor—resorted to Google.

We found ourselves a “number” in a large organization that had a extremely limited connection with myself and my wife as individuals. Then we were introduced to Alps Network.

We’ve found the team at Alps to be the exact opposite. They’ve been totally focused on helping us identify our own life goals and how to think of our children when we are gone.

We’re pretty good at what we do in business but have very little expertise in financial planning and its associated jargon—the folk at Alps have always taken as much time as it needed to make sure we clearly understood the implications of any recommendations they have made. They have always taken a holistic approach to our individual situation.  When we had a business crisis the adviser at Alps Network was immediately on a plane and spent many many hours with us to assist in making some hard decisions. It saved our business and has secured our comfortable retirement. We’re happy to speak with anyone in more detail about our Alps experience. We truly believe you need to have the same kind of confidence in your financial advisor/planner as you have in your GP—then you’ll have your physical and financial health covered.

Allan Bennett
Business Owner

It has become a great relationship. Every quarter, the adviser from Alps Network comes to visit, with full reports, personal attention, and I can call him as often as I like with questions or any updates.

Gail Havig
Business owner