Receiving advice from a trusted specialist is a difficult task. Transparency in pricing is key therefore knowing how your adviser earns their remuneration is very important. Different business models can potentially cloud adviser judgement therefore as a prospective client, ensure you do your research and get comfortable with how your advisory firm earns their keep. Alignment in goals and values is the foundation of all long lasting synergistic relationships. Please keep this in mind when making this important decision.

Comfort can only come from truly understanding the process and the value, advice will bring to your life. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough question to hone in on what advisers truly know. Advisers are only worth your time if they can explain the strategies they can implement for you in a simple way.

Being a privately owned firm, we have no obligations to any financial institutions which garners a transparent approach in our advice formulation process. This ensures our financial planning advice to you is transparent and accountable. Financial planning fees are based on the work required and vary for each client.

Prior to obtaining advise you should receive a Financial Services Guide.  There are two parts to the Financial Services Guide:

The Financial Services Guides can be downloaded here for PeterGavin and Michael

We treat every client as an individual and our fee range provides the flexibility to ensure you receive the appropriate level of service and financial advice required for your needs.